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LUCIDAC is the world's first fully reconfigurable analog-digital hybrid computer, invented and produced by anabrid.

The lucidac features a front panel with more then 20 analog I/Os and 20 digital GPIOs, a Teensy-based microcontroller with Ethernet/USB-C connectivity. For a full list of features, see our lucidac spec sheet and product brief (PDF).

This article contains:

  • A single lucidac unit housed in durable and unique metal case
  • Power supply (240V/120V AC to 24VDC, 25mm barrel jack, IEC-60320 C13 standard power socket, european plug included)
  • 4 x 30cm MCX to MCX cables
  • 4 x 50cm MCX to BNC cables
  • 1.5m Ethernet cable (RJ45 cat5)
  • Printed Manual
  • Card board storage box