The Analog Thing: Production Status

Thank you for your interest in The Analog Thing, our analog computer!

On this page you can find current information about the current state of production.

Current State

We have shipped about 200 THATs and have about 700 more orders in our queue until we serve new orders. Currently, delays are mostly during global chip shortage/crisis.

Here are the current shipping estimates:

Order number Batch Estimated shipping date
AP1000 – AP1180 1 shipped
AP1181 – AP1280 2 shipped
AP1281 – AP1550 3 March 2023
AP1551 – AP1820 4 May 2023
AP1821 – AP2100 5 July 2023

In Summer 2023, we expect to have enough THATs in stock to serve new orders immediately.

There has been some delay recently which is explained in our most recent newsletters. We also tell there that we can do priorizations due to educational purposes. If you have some academic project with a tight schedule, get in touch with us.

For the latest information, please also have a look at our regular newsletters. You can find them all at