The Analog Thing: Production Status

Thank you for your interest in The Analog Thing, our analog computer!

On this page you can find current information about the current state of production.

No more backlog! We have THATs on stock.

We have no more backlog! All ingoing orders can currently be processed within a few days.

Since we do this shop on the side next to our engineering work in the anabrid, do not hesitate to write us a reminder to when you think your order is overdue. We reply to every mail.

A bit of history: Our batches

We shipped more then 1,000 THATs in a batch production with a typical size of 300-500 THATs per batch. Here is a small overview about the past orders and their associated batch:

Order number Batch Estimated shipping date
AP1000 – AP1180 1 shipped
AP1181 – AP1280 2 shipped
AP1281 – AP1530 3 shipped
AP1531 – AP1820 4 shipped
AP1821 – AP2100 5 shipping end of Nov 2023
If you order now, your order will be part of batch 5.

Please see  our most recent newsletters for more news about our production. We also tell there that we can do priorizations due to educational purposes. If you have some academic project with a tight schedule, get in touch with us.