Buyback: We repurchase your THAT

Analog computing is much about sustainable computing. At anabrid, we see it as part of our mission to support a circular electronics economy (ideally cradle to cradle). Therefore, we want to enable any owner of a used The Analog Thing (THAT) to return their device even years after having it bought. This program is not limited to direct anabrid customers.

How to sellback a THAT to anabrid

Send us a mail to along with a few convincing photos of your THAT, then we will make you an offer. Additionally, we cover the shipping costs so you only have to take care of wrapping up the device. Fuss-free payment happens after we receive the mailing.

Get up to 70% of the sales price

We typically pay 70% of the original selling price for devices less then one six months with slight signs of wear. Prices degrade down to 10% of the selling price. If our estimate is below 10%, the buyback is not worth the shipping and you should properly dispose the device.

The more features you can prove from the following list, the better price we can make you:

  • Generally a working device (can be demonstrated by showing a photo of some oscilloscope output of a nontrivial circuit from the guidebook).
  • No visible damage on the front panel.
  • An intact serial number (label) on the back of the THAT.
  • No custom stickers or visible changes on the boards.
  • Complete auxilliaries (full and undamaged set of patch cables, USB cable, master/minion cable, etc).
  • Available and good condition of original package.
  • Original invoice and or some track of ownership changes/the device history.

We are happy to answer questions regarding our buyback program. Just drop us a mail at