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We get a lot of e-mails with questions about details on buying a The Analog Thing. At this page, we try to address some of these questions.

Are there any hidden costs? What about customs and taxes?

The costs shown in our shop cover VAT and shipping. Both are computed based on your location. We do not charge any customs duties. This is done by the destination country at import customs clearance. We declare The Analog Thing as electronical assembly kit, which should get you a fair rate. We cannot determine the taxes raised when importing goods into your country, but we heard stories of additional £57 (€67) in taxes and handling fees when importing to Great Britain (GB), for instance.

Please note that when buying something from us in this shop, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. They contain the same information as above.

What purchase and payment options do you have?

This is an online store. You pay in advance and we can only start shipping once the payment has been finished. We accept a variety of standard electronic payment methods such as credit card or Paypal. We also accept traditional bank transfer (IBAN / BIC / SWIFT system). This is defacto a deferred payment, which also can be made split in several chunks. Please include the order number in your transfers.

Within the shop, we do not accept purchase on account. Whenever you need a quotation or an invoice, you should contact us by mail to versand@anabrid.com.

Where is my order?

As you can read all over this web shop, we produce in batches. That means we collect orders until we have the money to mass produce a bulk of THATs at our manufacturer. This way, we can assure good prices. This is very similar to self-hosted crowdfunding (think like Kickstarter). The downside is that you pay early in advance but recieve your product quite late.

This way, we are also very flexible at canceling your order in case you want to do so. There are no extra costs at changing or canceling your order.

We regularly send newsletters around which contain latest information about production status. You can read them at https://the-analog-thing.org/newsletter/

What about the patch cables?

We offer the matching patch cables in our shop for convenience. You don't need to buy them, because they are already included with a single THAT. There are, however, also people buying only the patch cables but not a THAT. In this case, please write us another mail to point us to this order, because we can send you the cables without having to wait for the next batch. These orders can easily be overlooked.

What about Eurorack system Synthesizers I/O?

We have a dedicated FAQ about Eurorack interconnection.

Can I speak with you guys?

You can. We have an open Analog Consultation Hour, and we can also arrange a phone call at any other time.

Has the price increased?

We used to offer a 25% academic/educational discount which is reduced to 10% starting of May 27, 2022. This is due to rised procurement prices – we have to make sure to sell THATs in a way that they cover our expenses, which was not the case with the former 225EUR discounted rate. Therefore, the academic price is now 269EUR, which is still 30EUR less then the regular price.