Model-1 HC Module (Arduino version)

Model-1 HC Module (Arduino version)

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Hybrid Controller Module for Analog Paradigm Model-1 modular computer.

The HC module is a hybrid controller which allows full control of the analog computer’s operation by a digital computer attached via USB to the HC. To do so, it hosts an Arduino and a high quality ADC.

It implements the following functions:

  • Digital inputs: These inputs can be used in conjunction with the comparators ofCMP4 modules or by external signal sources.
  • Digital outputs: Eight digital outputs which can be used to control the electronics witches of a CMP4 module or to control the mode of operation of two of the four integrators of an INT4 module.
  • Digital potentiometers: The HC module contains eight digital potentiometers witha resolution of 10 bits each.
  • Readout: Most computing elements can be addressed by the HC and their output value can be read by the attached digital computer.
  • Single/repetitive run: The timing for single or repetitive runs can be done by the HC without any intervention by the attached digital computer thus minimizing jitter due to communication latencies etc.

See also the CU module as well as the HC module (Teensy version)